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A forum for innovative oil and gas exploration and production leaders in the United States

The global oil and gas industry is currently experiencing an influx of pain points. A perpetually increasing energy demand, fluctuating prices, rapidly depleting natural resources, and social and environmental concerns only tap the surface. The Euro Zone crisis and a lagging U.S. recovery following the global economic fallout are impacting oil and gas organizations worldwide. But despite unfavorable economic conditions, the U.S oil and gas industry is pushing forward, placing more importance on domestic production, stronger infrastructure and the development of unconventional resources.

Although an increasing American energy demand and a lack of domestic production have affected the economy for years, a recent surge in production has pushed the country a few steps closer to energy dependence. The emergence of shale oil reserves, particularly boons in North Dakota, Montana and Texas, may even give the U.S. the opportunity to become a competitive net exporter. However, stricter rules and regulations are making it more difficult to operate in accordance with evolving health, social and environmental standards. With the BP spill still fresh in the countrys memory, socio-economic effects of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling negatively impacting new opportunities, the inaccessibility of a large amount of the countrys resources and a host of other industry issues, the U.S. is in need of solutions for sustainable development and growth.

The potential is evident, but todays leading oil and gas executives in the U.S. must stay on top of emerging challenges and opportunities to remain competitive in the surging industry.

The Oil & Gas Summit U.S. will bring together leading oil and gas industry executives from across the U.S. to confront and overcome current issues. This premier event will explore critical topics and trends, including, but not limited to, emerging exploration technologies, reservoir characterization, production optimization, deepwater drilling, heavy oil, enhanced oil recovery, cost containment, acquiring skilled workers and health, safety and environmental risks.

The Oil & Gas Summit U.S. will enable attending executives to network with peers and learn from each others experiences through engaging educational sessions conducted in a comfortable, yet focused business environment. The event agenda offers opportunities for critical exchanges through visionary Keynote Presentations, Executive Think Tanks, Thought Leadership workshops, Analyst Q&As and much more. Attendees will meet one-on-one with solution providers throughout the event to learn about critical products and services capable of solving your organizations problems and achieving goals.

A few of this years agenda topics:

  • Defining Opportunities and Creating Partnerships
  • Unconventional Plays
  • Advancements in Deepwater Operations
  • Wireless Technology and Opportunities in the Digital Oilfield
  • Engaging with Local Communities
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get U.S. oil and gas industry issues out on the table, make your voice heard and collaborate with peers on real solutions for your organization.

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